About Earthy Roots

A little bit about our history and brands.

What We Do

Earthy Roots is a natural food and cosmetics manufacturer located in Peterborough, UK. Earthy Roots produces local raw honey and beeswax from our own apiaries located at different sites across Cambridgeshire, spanning from Peterborough to Huntingdon.

Currently we maintain three apiaries; one just outside the village of Glatton, one in the village of Water Newton and one in a market garden outside the village of Old Weston. Go to our About Bees page to find out more.

We believe in a sustainable approach to business and showcasing high quality ethical products. Whilst minimising the middle men from the producer to the customer.


Our first brand has been developed from our passion for beekeeping. We have been beekeeping for 10 years and have gained knowledge, experience and expanded the operation from an enjoyable pastime to a successful business.


This is our range of natural cosmetic products, initially developed under the bees brand we wanted to develop a range of 100% Natural Beeswax Lip Balms. This soon expanded to cover other ranges such as body bars and massage bars.



This is our range of preserves, chutneys, jams and pickles. Developed in house with natural ingredients. We will be launching our Jars products very soon, keep updated on our social media.

Our Future

Further developments include an increase in bee colonies, over the next two years we aim to double the amount of colonies. With the ultimate goal of maintaining 50 colonies by the end of the 2020 season. So far our expansion plans are going well and we are well on target to surpass this goal.

We are interested in hearing from anyone that wants to stock any of our products. Although if you want to know more or are interested in stocking any of our ranges please use our contact form.

We believe in a sustainable approach to business.
We believe in using naturally sourced ingredients.
We believe that great customer service is key to success.

Our History


Our first Events


It was a long time in the making but we finally decided to take Earthy Roots on the road. It has been a great experience so far, meeting lots of fantastic new people and getting to talk to you direct about our products. Looking forward we are aiming to attend more events.

Apiary Expansion - All Sites


A lot has been going on behind the scenes at are three apiaries. Part of our planned expansion we have been creating new bee benches for new hives to sit upon. The hard work gone into setting up each site will enable us to continue to grow in the coming years with space to split colonies and subsequently increase honey yields.


Launched Earthy Roots Online Store


Our original website although functional for the modern mobile world needed an update in terms of usability. After weeks of work Earthy Roots Online Store was launched. Our new site incorporated all the modern easy to use functionality you would expect from any online retailer. Whilst retaining our unique clean fresh style and mobile friendliness.

Trials, New Ideas and Developments


Development of Jars Brand

Apiary Expansion - All Sites


It was time to grow as we were running out of space. A new bench was built at the Glatton apiary and the process of relocating the Water Newton apiary from one site in the village to another began. Two new benches were created at the new site in Water Newton ready for expansion.


Set up Old Weston Apiray


After a meeting with Sylvia and John from the Old Weston Garden Farm it was decided to start an apiary in their newly planted native wood. The location is perfect for bees with plenty of flowers from the many varieties of fruit and vegetables that are grown on site. You can purchase this honey direct from the Garden Farm.

Earthy Roots Rebrand

Many attempts and ideas boards created and we finally arrived at our new look, a fresh clean appearance with the focus being on our products. With the help of 22Eleven for their seamless design work and Jenna Lee Alldread for her beautiful illustrations our new look started to form into the look that you see today.

Release of Earthy Roots Merchandise

We decided it was time to sell some merchandise. Everyone loves a bit of branded merch and even better when you get a bit for free when you buy from our store.

Set up Water Newton Apiray

A second apiary was established at Water Newton, this site couldn’t be more different from Glatton. It has a country park in its vicinity and a river location so plenty of forage for the bees throughout the year. The site is famous for Roman treasure that can be viewed in the British Museum.


Launched Balms Brand


After spending time developing our range of 100% Natural Beeswax Lip Balms it was decided to put our newly learnt skills into practice. Our natural cosmetic brand was created and we named it Balms.

Created First Bees! Lip Balm


It was time to think of new products and where best to start but our excess of beeswax. Bees 100% natural beeswax lip balm was created, the concept was that the main ingredient should be beeswax but should be complimented with ingredients that nourish and protect lips.


Earthy Roots Website Launch


Our first website was launched. The site was created from scratch and was mainly created for basic information and contact with a basic way of purchasing honey.


Earthy Roots was founded by Sean Alldread in 2013, as an outlet for products provided by his bees.

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