August 30, 2020

Our 2020 Honey Harvest – Less Sticky with a New Extractor


We have been undertaking one of our harvests of pure British local honey. After collecting the frames full of honey from our hives they are transported to our processing facility.

The frames are uncapped using a sharp knife to remove the wax cappings in order to allow the honey to be released. The frames were placed in our new motorised extractor. Through centrifugal force the honey is flung to the outside of the extractor and left to settle at the bottom of the vessel. The pure honey is filtered using only a course filter to preserve its natural properties. It is then left to settle before it is bottled into 2oz, 8oz and 1lb jars.

Due to expanding our beekeeping operation throughout 2020 we have left large quantities of honey in our hives this year to ensure plenty of food is stored for the winter months particularly for the newly created splits.

Order now from our online store or if you are local to the Peterborough area and want to save on postage please use our contact form to arrange local pick up.

Local Cambridgeshire honey from the 2020 harvest can be bought online.

From our Glatton Apiary – Local Pure British Local Honey

From our Water Newton Apiary – Local Pure British Local Honey.

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