Honey and Spoon Set

  • Packed with floral flavours and natural goodness
  • A delicious 1lb jar of Raw Honey
  • A wooden honey spoon
  • A perfect gift for any honey lover

Product Description

Honey and Spoon Set

A honey and spoon set which includes a delicious 1lb jar of raw honey and a wooden honey spoon.

Our honey is as natural as it gets. Frames filled with golden raw honey are harvested straight from the hives then the thin layer of beeswax holding the honey in is removed using a knife. The frames with the honey now free flowing are then placed within a honey extractor, they are spun and the honey is forced out onto the side of the extractor known as centrifugal force. After a period of time the honey settles to the bottom of the extractor. The honey is then filtered to remove any debris such as beeswax whilst ensuring the natural grains of pollen remain.

Alongside the jar of honey you will receive a spoon which is perfect for drizzling runny honey.

Make someones day this is perfect as a gift for any honey lover.

All honey will set over time.

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1lb (454g)

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