April 24, 2021

New Products – World Honey


New Products – World Honey

The process of development never stops at Earthy Roots.

We have sourced a range of organic and non-organic pure world honey and organic bee pollen for you to purchase direct from our online shop.

All of the honey we sell is unpasteurised in order to preserve the natural goodness of the honey. This ensures that our ranges of honey are packed full of the natural proteins, vitamins and minerals just a nature intended.

No honey has been made equal – It all depends on the flora available to the bees and when the honey is extracted from the hives.

All of our honey is as natural as it gets – This is true of the honey produced by our own bees at our apiaries or our specially selected range of honey from around the world.

Our world honey produced by bees in different locations across the EU, jarred by Earthy Roots in the UK.

Click to browse our selection of world honey.

Another new product range that we are planning to launch are our gift hampers. We aim to produce hamper in three standard sizes with a selection of our products in each size. It could be the perfect gift for that special occasion.

We are continually looking for likeminded people and product ranges to add to our specifically selected range of products. Let us know if you produce products locally or feel your products compliment our ethos and current offerings. Or if you want to stock any of our products please get in touch. Contact us direct by using our online contact form.

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