September 23, 2019

Earthy Roots Mission to be more Sustainable


Earthy Roots has been identifying and looking at ways to become more sustainable as a business covering all the different aspects of work that we do. We are currently implementing a range of different measures which aim to reduce our impact as a company on the environment. To ensure that Earthy Roots has a common approach to meet our mission to become more sustainable we have developed the following ambitions and targets.


  • Continue to plant bee friendly habitats around and near to our apiaries. With a particular focus on native species of wildflowers and bee friendly flowers.
  • We will continue as a company to have a sustainable ethos and pride ourselves on only using natural ingredients from ethical sources in all of our cosmetic ranges. We take trace-ability seriously and can with confidence say that none of our products or ingredients are tested on animals.
  • New products are to be produced in recyclable packaging and where not currently possible alternatives should be identified or developed. All existing products to be reviewed in order to meet our new targets.
  • All equipment used to be bought through sustainable sources.
  • To promote local collaboration and develop further links with companies in order to lower transport associated with shipping goods on a global scale.  This will involve looking closely at our packaging, ingredient and equipment suppliers in order to reduce emissions through unnecessary transport.


We will be continually reviewing our goals and setting new targets. Find out more about our progress and how we are going to meet our goals in future updates in our Latest News section.

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